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The Boston Ink and Paper Co. was started in 2008 by wife and husband duo, Katie and Aaron Davidson. During their twenty-plus years buying and selling antiquarian artworks around the world, they realized that these rare, and often times one of a kind treasures were typically owned by high end collectors who keep their investments locked away in fireproof vaults and high-level security safes. While no one can fault their prudence, what a shame that such beautiful art meant for display 100 years ago might not ever see daylight again.

Thus the idea of “Boston Ink & Paper” (as it’s known today) was born. The Davidsons wanted to create a line of visually stunning wall decoration for both modern and classically designed homes consisting of licensed reproductions of vintage artwork, historical maps and antique advertising with a particular focus on New England and the Northeast region.

The following year, Katie and Aaron consolidated their own ephemera holdings with several other prestigious art collections to create the Townsend Archive. A private library of over 30,000 books, prints, and maps from the East Coast, Midwestern United States, California and Europe, preserved under constant and ideal conditions in the Mohave Desert.

Every piece of history that is entered into the Townsend Archive (from the tiniest examples of cigar label art to large poster-sized maps) is documented with the same scanners used in top university art departments at 600-1200 dpi. Hard copies of the files are then stored at two different locations to ensure these images for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

After thousands of hours of painstaking digital restoration with a strict adherence to the method of stone lithography, and studying the most sophisticated modern print methods, Boston Ink & Paper produced it’s first prototype in 2011. The 11” x 14” giclée print of the famous firefighting cigar brand “Our Fire Laddies” originally done the 1880’s. Within months, several more followed including “Open Heart”, “Gold Bug” and “Clarence S. Darrow” and soon the first series was complete.

The response was overwhelming. Lifelong paper collectors were amazed at the attention to detail and consistency in the stone litho restoration, and even with a magnifying glass couldn’t pick out areas that were severely damaged on the original images that had been digitally repaired (and in some cases recreated) for the final print version.

Today, the nucleus of Boston Ink & Paper is located in the quiet beach community of Hull, Massachusetts on the South Shore of Boston. Their eclectic catalog contains over 40 unique fine art giclée prints in several frame-ready sizes from small 8” x 10” prints to large size 24” x 36” posters. The entire line of giclées are done on heavy stock, museum quality matte paper (ideal for framing), printed in 12 color high resolution, using professional grade inks that are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 75 years.

Boston Ink & Paper operates primarily as a wholesaler and as such we are always seeking to partner with top interior designers, art galleries, frame shops, collectible gift shops and antique stores as well as numerous charitable organizations and local fundraisers in the Greater Boston Area.

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